Welcome to the first post of my new blog. I have tried to blog a few times in the past, but have always fizzled out. It seems that an important question to ask is, “why blog?” A few reasons that come to mind off the cuff for me are:

  • document things I learn to cement the concepts
  • give myself a place to search and reference my notes
  • share knowledge with others
  • start a dialog with others to learn new things

That all seems nice, but how am I going to keep this going? I think a need a goal. Let’s set a goal of making at least one new post every week. The topics I’m currently interested in posting on are:

  • How I setup my ditial presence (e.g. this website)
  • The tools I use on my computer
  • New things I learn
  • My philosophies
  • Things I read or watch that influence me